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Everything is possible.
All you need is a little faith and a blueprint. 

Here, we make the impossible look easy.

Just trust God and bet on yourself.

A Word from Nicole 


Welcome to the League of Extraordinary People

As the driving force behind Mogul Factory and Mogul School, I am here to help purpose driven entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. We offer TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching and DYNAMIC virtual learning designed to place the keys of access and opportunity in your hands.

Too Strong for Too Long 

As a woman, I know first hand challenges of entrepreneurship. Women have always carried the weight of many roles in society while also navigating issues like pay inequality, lack of access to funding and the knowledge gaps created by decades of gatekeeping opportunities. We are on a mission to abolish the hustle culture mentality by teaching our clients how to leverage the endless opportunities presented by the DIGITAL REVOLUTION and build profitable, well funded businesses that create generational wealth. 

We've Got BIG Numbers

42% of all U.S. businesses are owned by women (13 million) and women-owned businesses employ over 9.4 million workers. Amongst these ranks are black women representing the fastest growing segment of business owners. They are also the least funded.

Mogul School is changing that.

Things Are About to Change for You Mogul

Through a combination of prayer, faith, extensive knowledge and experience, a passion for helping others, we are building a supportive, collaborative environment where female entrepreneurs can thrive.

Through online courses, mentorship programs, and community platforms, we deliver purpose-driven strategies designed to help women overcome obstacles, balance personal and professional growth, and build successful, sustainable businesses.

Here you will be equipped with the tools, resources, and encouragement to unleash your potential and become the successful entrepreneur you've always aspired to be.

Let's journey together and let's change the world.

xoxo, Nicole

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